How do I look? (Why getting good at Crossdressing requires a contrarian approach)

While most of us can use an objective/critical opinion before we made a fashion mistake, only a very lucky few can or dare to call on our significant others to help. My early… Continue reading

I was ma’am (unexpectedly).

Passing is the goal cross-dressers strive for once we know crossdressing is not a phase. One way to know you have passed is when you are being addressed as miss or ma’am by strangers. Imagine my… Continue reading

How to improve your shopping success?

After being a cross-dresser for over 30 years and an active shopper in the women’s department for 10, I come to appreciate the difference in how men and women shop and how I… Continue reading

Yvonne in the wild

After being forever envious of other T-girls’ en femme excursions, I have finally muscled up enough courage to let Yvonne out in the wild yesterday morning. I have been dressing at home for… Continue reading

In store shopping experience with the shame switch OFF

By flipping the shame “switch” OFF, I am as comfortable shopping in the women’s departments for a dress as I am for a drill in the hardware department. I no longer feel self-conscious… Continue reading

How Midnight in Paris Set This Crossdresser Free

Midnight in Paris is vintage Woody Allen. Gil Pender,  a successful Hollywood scriptwriter with a beautiful fiancee believed he would be happier as a “serious” writer living Paris at an earlier time.  His… Continue reading

It’s all in the shoe?

I have been studying the accelerating androgynous trend in fashion for some time now with the aim at how to adopt it for myself. Being the analytical type, I tried different combinations of… Continue reading

A missed opportunity at the Oscars

Everyone who watched the Oscar would not have missed the Marilyn Monroe impersonation by James Franco.  I was initially excited about this transgendered presentation by two up and coming Hollywood stars.  But my… Continue reading

Ex-Girlfriend Jean

   Levi is selling their men super-skinny jeans as ex-Girlfriend jeans (link to Levi website), to counter the popular Boyfriend jean successes for women.   It is more a marketing gimmick than real… Continue reading

Just Be..

I have been wanting to wear these wedges since I purchased them in December.  I finally did on one of my shopping trip to a department store. Since these are black 4 inch… Continue reading